Think of something that you spend $50 per month on. Coffee? Cigarettes? iTunes? Gas? Cable TV? Weed? Beer? Gifts?

Wait. I said $50 per month, not $50 per week right?

Okay Well, that's kinda hard. But follow me here...

If you could get guitar lessons from a guy who every top music industry insider who is familiar with him says is one of the best guitar players in the world, and also have access to book a time slot to get a personal face to face lesson would you say that's worth $50/mo?

What if he happily played parts on your next album starting at $50 for a guitar solo?

And gave access to ALL of his world famous and beloved videos in one place as well as tutorials on how to regenrehfeldt them the way he does?

And chat with him on skype over a couple of beers?

Gave you a year to participate in contests where the prize could be anything between picking his next song to improve to featuring your band on his hugely popular channel?

Or even regenrehfeldting your bands song?...

Holy Carp, really?
Yeah, maybe. How cool is your band?

Or imagine being able to say "Hey Andy, it's my 10th wedding anniversary and I'd love it if you could write, record and give me a cool original song for my wife and I, you down?
And Andy say "Sure dude, Couple hundred bucks and 2 weeks, cool?
And you're like, "No freakin' WAAY! A GRAMMY winning songwriter is gonna hook it up in a week or two for a couple hundred bucks? SWEET!!
Your wife is gonna be super impressed and in 30 years your grandkids are gonna be the equivalent to a guy today busting out a tape of Jimi Hendrix jamming with his dad freestyling a badass song never heard by anyone but them before...

That's right. No matter what happens from here, Andy has already secured his status as an internet legend. Thousands of people think Andy INVENTED the internet! He's O.G. When they open the Internet hall of fame in Silicon Valley in a few years Andy Rehfeldt will be the guy getting the statuette of himself. A golden Rehfeldt, left handed guitar and all, awarded for pioneering, entertaining, inventing, risking, improving and basically making the internet fun. Before Andy we would pay a bill, check our Myspace, maybe peek at a little know, and turn off the computer or risk playing Farmville until 2am. Thank God Andy came when he did right?

So wouldn't this access be worth $50 per month? Hell yeah it would! When you break it down like that it's worth a hundred easy!
Now what if I told you that Andy is too cool for all that? Yeah, he is. He's gonna give you that kind of access for $20 per month!

Lol. I'm just kidding. Andy is a Grammy winning, World Famous, Highly Respected musical genius who really loves his fans.
He's gonna do that for you for $10 a month!! Everyone together now say

"HOLY F!@#$% S!@#"
Where do I sign up?

Well, since you asked... Click that image below.

move-over-jesus-guitar-solo-time - Copy (2)

"One Off "Guitar solo's- $50

Are you a Musician, Songwriter or Composer? Andy will throw down a bad ass solo on your next track for just $50. That price is gonna go up soon so don't ponder it for too long. Andy is a Grammy winning Musician and known around the world for his high skill level. Imagine if Jimi Hendrix was throwing down on peoples demos back in the day...This is pretty much like that. Click the guitar solo worshiping girl to hear a solo Andy "One offed" over a buddy's track.

We don't just cover up your bad habits. We get rid of them and you start fresh.

Andy Rehfeldt gets Turned Loose on Unsuspecting Public. Pleasure ensues.

For nearly a decade Andy Rehfeldt’s website was nothing more than a button suggesting you buy him a beer. That was all well and good for the detached casual fan but Andy Rehfeldt had  a lot of passionate fans that love everything he does and can’t get enough of him. Well, this is for them. The new site Is a work in progress. It will have different subscription levels and each will have more access than the last. Up to the point of taking guitar lessons face to face via skype! He is also offering to bust out a quick guitar solo on your next song for $50!!

Did you know…

that Andy didn’t start playing guitar until a few years after college?

What's the Catch?

What's the catch? Sign up before all spots are gone, that's the catch! There are only so many hours in a day and Andy has a wife and kids. And a life. So at some point we gotta close the garage door and station the soberist among us to stand look out for the cops cause this kegger is gonna go off and it's only a matter of time before the neighbors start complaining about how much fun we're having.
Seriously, there is no catch except for what was just said. Andy truly loves his fans, how they treat him, how they treat each other and how they share his work with their friends. He is still waiting to find out "What's the Catch?"
"You mean I get to do what I would do anyways and people around the world are gonna love me for it, say great things to me and tell their friends I'm cool? Damn! What's the catch? The catch Andy is you gotta keep on doing what it is you like to do. That's it.

our teaching team

Dave Mustaine

That's Right

At a campfire recently Dave Mustaine looks over at Dave Grohl and says “I invented Thrash Metal and played guitar for the 2 best bands in the genre and have my fingerprints all over the other ones.”

Dave Grohl

That's Right

Dave Grohl just looks up at Dave Mustaine and smiles.  He slowly wraps his mouth around a freshly toasted marshmallow and says “Well I Killed Thrash Metal, invented a genre and played in it’s 2 biggest bands; Drums in one and guitar/vocals in the other…

Andy Freakin' Rehfeldt

That's Right

Andy just stood there smiling, stirring the fire with his dick  while whistlin’ the tune of Holy Wars…to a smooth jazz beat.

Those other guys might be great and if they come knockin’ we will surely let them in but until then our teaching team is the one and only Andrew Mothafuckin’ Rehfeldt. The man who some say single handedly invented the internet. Dunno about that but I do know he got a Grammy before they did Just sayin.’


Andy’s Funny Munny

BTW,  For those of us too broke to sign up for one of the membership levels, Andy has found it in his heaart to offer an alternative method of subscribing. 

Anywhere you see this, click it.You will find something you can click on that with either a little effort or a purchase you can earn your keep around here Each Funny Munny opportunity will have a value attached to the task or a % of whatever you spend  that will go to Andy. Simply complete the task or make the purchase and email THESUPERIMPORTANTGUY@GMAIL.COM and credit will be applied to your name. Andy isn’t going to leave a single fan out in the parking lot while we all go inside to rock out.

Andy tries to replicate the stance of the 69 ft tall Andy Rehfeldt Billboard in Downtown Tokyo, Japan.

Learn from the very best

By the way, this website was the idea of friends who think Andy doesn’t do enough promoting of himself. He has a huge following that genuinely love what he does and never once did he “Boost” a post. Every sub he has he earned the old fashioned way. So when you read something like “Andy is the best guitar player mankind could ever hope to to produce” please keepo in mind that it is the people close to hi m saying it, NOT HIM. Andy doesn’t have a self glossing bone in his body. 

As his friends we are looking to you, his world of fans to go ahead and take the plunge, join this site at one of the paid subscription levels and if you don’t feel like you are getting your money’s worth, we will give it back. Anytime for any reason, within reason.  So calling all Andy Rehfeldt fans,…



Are You Talented?

And Available? Seeking artists, writers, marketers, donors, sponsors, promoters, actors, musicians, matchmakers, endorsers, producers and anyone else who has something they can contribute to Andy's Website. See the Idea page to see where you can be used and if you have an idea of your own let us know!

Content we can use your help with:

Guitar Solo Contests. Need shredders willing to go head to heaad with Andy. Light hearted nothing too serious..Unless you are.

Street interviews with random [people. Tell them that Andy did not invent the internet and get reactions.

Film anyone, local cops, cheerleaders, postal worker, skater, gangbanger etc… Saying something nice about Andy. 

Start a campaign to get the artists Andy has played upon to positively recognize his efforts

Get 10 of your friends to join this site as Beer Buddy or above. Or not. Free is okay too.

Paint or Draw Andy Film some graffiti you happen to find proclaiming how he didn’t invent the internet, Design a t-shirt or coffee mug at teespring. Name a menu item at your restaurant Andy Rehfeldt (or something even cleverererer. Find a beer company that wants to trade ad space for free beer. Think of your own fun ideas. Think of a contest everyone can participate in. Help us reach 500,000 YouTube Subs by July 1, 2018, Look for Andy’s doppleganger and if you find him, stop him and talk to him, film it! Call out Andy;’s name next time you’re having sex and then film your apology  to your partner. Remember, wityh the right attitude and a little work, even the Jonas Brothers are tolerable so if Andy can doi that for us, whaat can we not do for him if we band together?